Pin Hex Countersunk Self Tapper

  • Manufactured with an internal pin in the socket recess to repel standard hexagon tools.
  • Stocked in 304 Stainless steel, other finishes available made to order
  • Countersunk head seats flush with material.

6G - 8G Product Data Sheet

10G - 12G Product Data Sheet

14G Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
PHCS6C 6G x 3/8" H30
PHCS6DM 6G x 1/2" Metric Dri H25M
PHCS6E 6G x 5/8" H30
PHCS6F 6G x 3/4" H30
PHCS6G 6G x 1 " H30
PHCS6I 6G x 1 1/2" H30
PHCS8D 8G x 1/2" H40
PHCS8DM 8Gx1/2" Metric Driv H25M
PHCS8FM 8Gx3/4" Metric Drive H25M
PHCS8GM 8G x I'' Metric Dri H25M
PHCS8HM 8G x1 1/4 Metric Dri H25M
PHCS8IM 8Gx11/2" Metric Dr H25M
PHCS10D 10G x 1/2" H40
PHCS10E 10G x 5/8" H40
PHCS10F 10G x 3/4" H40
PHCS10GM 10G x 1" H3M
PHCS10H 10G x 1 1/4" H40
PHCS10I 10G x 1 1/2" H40
PHCS10K 10G x 2 1/2'' H40
PHCS12E 12G x 5/8" H40
PHCS12F 12G x 3/4" H40
PHCS12G 12G x 1" H40
PHCS12H 12G x 1 1/4" H40
PHCS12I 12G x 1 1/2" H40
PHCS12J 12G x 2" H40
PHCS14F 14G x 3/4" H40
PHCS14G 14G x 1" H40
PHCS14H 14G x 1 1/4" H40
PHCS14I 14G x 1 1/2" H40
PHCS14J 14G x 2" H40