Square Drive Winged Self Drilling

  •  Features the Positive Square Drive - with increased torque and less slippage than Phillips Drive
  • Wings create a clearance hole thru timber and drilling tip will drill thru steel purlins up to 2.6mm
  • Available in Galvanised, Bi-metal and 550 Stainless Steel
  • 6 Nibs under head for effective self-embedment

NOTE: Galvanised Self drillers are not suitable for fixing Treated lumber, especially Treated Pine Decking in coastal environments. For these applications we recommend the use of Stainless Steel fasteners.

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
WHSD1040-WG 10G x 40 Gal #2 Square
WHSD1045-WG 10G x 45 Gal #2 Square
WHSD1045-W4 10G x 45 316 Bi-M #2 Square
WHSD1045-550 10G x 45 550 S/S #2 Square