Tri-Lobular Drive Machine Screw

  • One of the most popular security screws, often used on playgrounds and road signs.
  • Triangular shaped recess for security, with dome shaped button head for safety.
  • Stocked in zinc plated and stainless steel, other finishes and lengths can be made to order

M10 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
TLBM1017-S M10 x 17 304 S/S TL10
TLBM1017-Z M10 x 17 Zinc TL10
TLBM1020-Z M10 x 20 Zinc TL10
TLBM1025-S M0 x 25 304 S/S TL10
TLBM1025-Z M0 x 25 Zinc TL10
TLBM1040-S M10 x 40 304 S/S TL10
TLBM1040-Z M10 x 40 Zinc TL10
TLBM1020-S M10 x 20 304 S/S TL10