Kinmar Permanent Nut- Zinc Plated

  • Unique, high torque security nut (patented product).
  • Superior alternative to shear nut, having the advantages of not being governed by the shear point and not leaving unplated surfaces.
  • Can be re-torqued if required. Requires matching socket for installation.
  • Manufactured in zinc plated steel, also available in stainless and galvanized steel.

       Download more Information M5 to M8  and  M10 to M12

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
KM5N-Z M5 - Zinc KM6P
KM6N-Z M6 - Zinc KM6P
KM8N-Z M8 - Zinc KM8P
KM10N-Z M10 - Zinc KM10P
KM12N-Z M12 - Zinc KM12P