Shear Bolt

  • High Security permanent bolt.
  • No specialist tool required - installed with a standard socket or spanner.
  • Hexagonal part shears off when bolt is tightened, leaving a tamper proof head with no recess.
  • Stocked in stainless steel and can be made to order in zinc plated or galvanised steel.

M6 - M8 Product Data Sheet

M10 - M12 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
SHBM616-A2 M6 x 16 10mm AF
SHBM625-A2 M6 x 25 10mm AF
SHBM640-A2 M6 x 40 10mm AF
SHBM650-A2 M6 x 50 10mm AF
SHBM825-A2 M8 x 25 14mm AF
SHBM860-A2 M8 x 60 14mm AF
SHBM840-A2 M8 x 40 14mm AF
SHBM1050-A2 M10 x 50 17mm AF
SHBM1025-A2 M10 X 25 17mm AF
SHBM1260-A2 M12 x 60 19mm AF
SHBM816-A2 Mx16 14mm AF
SHBM830-A2 M8 x 30 14mm AF
SHBM880-A2 M8 x 80 14mm AF