Kinmar Permanent Sleeve Anchor GALV

  • Fast and easy installation into a wide variety of base materials.
  • Unique Kinmar® drive offers accurate, torque controlled fixing, which can be re-torqued if necessary.
  • Requires matching sockets.
  • Also available in zinc plated and stainless steel.

M8 - M10 - M12 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
KMSG1040 M10x40-Gal KM8P
KMSG1050 M10x50-Gal KM8P
KMSG1060 M10x60-Gal KM8P
KMSG1075 M10x75-Gal KM8P
KMSG1095 M10x95-Gal KM8P
KMSG1260 M12x60-Gal KM10P
KMSG1275 M16x75-Gal KM10P
KMSG12100 M12x100-Gal KM10P
KMSG12130 M12 x 130 - Gal KM10P
KMSG0840 M8 x 40 - Gal KM6P
KMSG0865 M8 x 65 - Gal KM6P
KMSG0885 M8 x 85 - Gal KM6P