Armour Ring Stainless Steel

  • Simple conical collar which can be hammered over any standard hexagon bolt head or nut to render them TAMPER EVIDENT.
  • Ultimate security - no tool for removal.
  • Can be applied to existing fasteners - ideal for upgrading security on an existing installation.
  • Also available in Zinc plated steel.


  • IMPORTANT:- Armour Rings are made to suit fasteners manufactured to DIN 931 Standard 


Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
AR6-S M6 - A2 ARST 60
AR8-S M8 -A2 ARST 80
AR10-S M10 - A2 ARST 100
AR12-S M12 - A2 ARST 120
AR16-S M16 - A2 ARST 160
AR20-S M20 - A2 ARST 200