Irius Drive Self Drilling Screw

Irius Drive self-drilling screws feature a unique, patented drive design and are used for securely fastening metal sheets, roofing, and cladding.

Featuring a low profile head with a smooth contured surface with no visible drive this fastener provides excellent aesthetic appeal.

These fasteners can only be driven with the matching socket, providing a high level of fastening security.

Irius Drive Self-drilling Screw Features:

  • Recommended by Architects due to their Low Head profile and clean appearance.
  • Positive engagement in matching drive socket.Can only be installed with specified tool
  • Quality AS3566 Class.3 coating.
  • Recessed drive make these Self Drilling Screws Tamper Resistant

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
SX14/12-L12-5.5X40 #12 x 40mm Bimetal S e420
SX5/12-L12-5.5x35 #12 x 35mm BIMETAL E420 1000
E420 Driver for #12 Screw 1
SD6-L12-5.5X28 #12 x 28mm Galv E420