Resytork Countersunk Self Drilling Screw 410 S/S

  • 6 Lobe Torx drive recess with an internal pin to resist tampering.
  • Stock available in 410 Stainless and Galvanised steel, other materials by special order.
  • Self drilling point for efficient installation into steel, no pre-drilling required.
  •  NOTE: All Martensitic Stainless Steels, including 410 have LOW CORROSION RESISTANCE.


Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
RTCSD6D 6G x 1/2" 410SS T10
RTCSD6F 6G x 3/4" 410SS T10
RTCSD6G 6G x 1" 410SS T10
RTCSD6H 6G x 1 1/4" 410SS T10
RTCSD8D 8G x 1/2" 410SS T15
RTCSD8F 8G x 3/4" 410SS T15
RTCSD8G 8G x 1" 410SS T15 100
RTCSD8H 8G x 1 1/4" 410SS T15
RTCSD8I 8G x 1 1/2" 410SS T15
RTCSD8J 8G x 2" 410SS T15 100
RTCSD10G 10G x 1" 410SS T20
RTCSD10H 10G x 1 1/4" 410SS T20
RTCSD10I 10G x 1 1/2" 410SS T20
RTCSD10K 10G x 2 1/2" 410SS T20
RTCSD12F 12G x 3/4" 410SS T25
RTCSD12G 12G x 1" 410SS T25
RTCSD12H 12G x 1 1/4" 410SS T25
RTCSD12I 12G x 1 1/2" 410SS T25
RTCSD12J 12G x 2" 410SS T25
RTCSD12K 12G x 2 1/2" 410SS T25
RTCSD14F 14G x 3/4" 410SS T27
RTCSD14G 14G x 1" 410SS T27
RTCSD14H 14G x 1 1/4" 410SS T27
RTCSD14I 14G x 1 1/2" 410SS T27
RTCSD14J 14G x 2" 410SS T27
RTCSD14K 14G x 2 1/2" 410SS T27
RTCSD14L 14G x 3" 410SS T27