Oval Pan Head Machine Screw

  • Oval shaped head looks like a stud or rivet – leaving potential intruder fooled.
  • Suitable for low to medium torque installations.
  • Manufactured from case hardened, Zinc plated steel.
  • Stainless option also available, ideal for food grade applications. Contact us on 1800 776 565 for more details. 

      Download more Information  M4 to M5  and  M6 here


Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
OPHM412 M4 x 12 PHD1
OPHM420 M4 x 20 PHD1
OPHM430 M4 x 30 PHD1
OPHM440 M4 x 40 PHD1
OPHM510 M5 x 10 PHD2
OPHM512 M5 x 12 PHD2
OPHM520 M5 x 20 PHD2
OPHM525 M5 x 25 PHD2
OPHM530 M5 x 30 PHD2
OPHM610 M6 x 10 PHD2
OPHM616 M6 x 16 PHD2
OPHM620 M6 x 20 PHD2
OPHM625 M6 x 25 PHD2
OPHM630 M6 x 30 PHD2