Pentaforce Countersunk Machine Screw

  • 5 Sided Pentagon recess blocks standard tool shapes, only the registered Pentaforce (TM) driver tools can be used for installation and removal.
  • Stocked in 304 Stainless steel, other materials available by special order.
  • Very positive recess reduces wobble and makes this drive type very user friendly.
  • Ideal for high security areas where driver tool availability is of concern.

M4 - M5 Product Data Sheet

M6 - M8 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
PFCM410 M4 x 10 PFD00
PFCM412 M4 X 12 PFD00
PFCM415 M4 x 15 PFD00
PFCM420 M4 x 20 PFD00
PFCM440 M4 x 40 PFD00
PFCM510 M5 x 10 PFD0
PFCM512 M5 x 12 PFD0
PFCM516 M5 x 16 PFD0
PFCM525 M5 x 25 PFD0
PFCM535 M5 x 35 PFD0
PFCM540 M5 x 40 PFD0
PFCM560 M5 x 60 PFD0
PFCM610 M6 x 10 PFD1
PFCM616 M6 x 16 PFD1
PFCM620 M6 x 20 PFD1
PFCM630 M6 x 30 PFD1
PFCM640 M6 x 40 PFD1
PFCM650 M6 x 50 PFD1
PFCM825 M8 x 25 PFD2
PFCM830 M8 x 30 PFD2
PFCM850 M8 x 50 PFD2