Resytork Button Head Machine Screw

  • 6 Lobe Torx drive suitable for High Torque applications.
  • Pin in recess to resist tampering.
  • Large range of sizes stocked in 304 S/S. 316 Grade and other materials available by special order.

M3 Product Data Sheet

M4 Product Data Sheet

M5 Product Data Sheet

M6 Product Data Sheet

M8 Product Data Sheet

M10 - M12 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
RTBM306 M3 x 6 T10
RTBM308 M3 x 8 T10
RTBM310 M3 x 10 T10
RTBM312 M3 x 12 T10
RTBM316 M3 x 16 T10
RTBM320 M3 x 20 T10
RTBM325 M3 x 25 T10
RTBM406 M4 x 6 T20
RTBM408 M4 x 8 T20
RTBM410 M4 x 10 T20
RTBM412 M4 x 12 T20
RTBM416 M4 x 16 T20
RTBM420 M4 x 20 T20
RTBM425 M4 x 25 T20
RTBM430 M4 x 30 T20
RTBM440 M4 x 40 T20
RTBM450 M4 x 50 T20
RTBM508 M5 x 8 T25
RTBM510 M5 x 10 T25
RTBM512 M5 x 12 T25
RTBM516 M5 x 16 T25
RTBM518 M5 x 18 T25
RTBM520 M5 x 20 T25
RTBM525 M5 x 25 T25
RTBM530 M5 x 30 T25
RTBM535 M5 x 35 T25
RTBM540 M5 x 40 T25
RTBM550 M5 x 50 T25
RTBM608 M6 x 8 T30
RTBM610 M6 x 10 T30
RTBM612 M6 x 12 T30
RTBM616 M6 x 16 T30
RTBM620 M6 x 20 T30
RTBM625 M6 x 25 T30
RTBM630 M6 x 30 T30
RTBM635 M6 x 35 T30
RTBM640 M6 x 40 T30
RTBM650 M6 x 50 T30
RTBM660 M6 x 60 T30
RTBM670 M6 x 70 T30
RTBM680 M6 x 80 T30
RTBM810 M8 x 10 T40
RTBM812 M8 x 12 T40
RTBM816 M8 x 16 T40
RTBM820 M8 x 20 T40
RTBM825 M8 x 25 T40
RTBM830 M8 x 30 T40
RTBM835 M8 x 35 T40
RTBM840 M8 x 40 T40
RTBM850 M8 x 50 T40
RTBM855 M8 x 55 T40
RTBM860 M8 x 60 T40
RTBM865 M8 x 65 T40
RTBM870 M8 x 70 T40
RTBM875 M8 x 75 T40
RTBM880 M8 x 80 T40
RTBM8100 M8 x 100 T40
RTBM1016 M10 x 16 T45
RTBM1020 M10 x 20 T45
RTBM1025 M10 x 25 T45
RTBM1030 M10 x 30 T45
RTBM1035 M10 x 35 T45
RTBM1040 M10 x 40 T45
RTBM1050 M10 x 50 T45
RTBM1060 M10 x 60 T45
RTBM1065 M10 x 65 T45
RTBM1070 M10 x 70 T45
RTBM1080 M10 x 80 T45
RTBM1090 M10 x 90 T45
RTBM1230 M12 x 30 T50