Pin Hex Countersunk Machine Screw

  • Manufactured with an internal pin in the socket recess to repel standard hexagon tools
  • Stocked in 304 Stainless, other materials and sizes made to order.
  • Countersunk head seats flush with material.

M3 & M4 Product Data Sheet

M5 Product Data Sheet

M6 Product Data Sheet

M8 & M10 Product Data Sheet

M12 Product Data Sheet

In order to bring the Pin Hex range of Security Fasteners into line with International Standards, our supplier manufacturers are now making this range with the correct METRIC DRIVE. The old IMPERIAL DRIVE RECESS are being phased out. Please see Clearance Stock sections for these items.

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
PHCM306M M3 x 6 Metric Drive H2M
PHCM310 M3 x 10 H20
PHCM312 M3 x 12 H20
PHCM316 M3 x 16 H20
PHCM320 M3 x 20 H20
PHCM406M M4 x 6 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM408M M4 x 8 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM410 M4 x 10 H40
PHCM410M M4 x 10 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM412 M4 x 12 H40
PHCM412M M4 x 12 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM414 M4 x 14 H40
PHCM416 M4 x 16 H40
PHCM416M M4 x 16 Metric Drive H40
PHCM420M M4 x 20 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM425 M4 x 25 H40
PHCM425M M4 x 25 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM440 M4 x 40 H40
PHCM510M M5 x 10 Metric Drive H3M
PHCM512M M5 x 12 Metric Drive H3M
PHCM520M M5 x 20 Metric Drive H3M
PHCM550 M5 x 50 H40
PHCM608 M6 x 8 H40
PHCM610 M6 x 10 H40
PHCM612 M6 x 12 H40
PHCM616 M6 x 16 H40
PHCM620 M6 x 20 H40
PHCM625 M6 x 25 H40
PHCM630 M6 x 30 H40
PHCM640 M6 x 40 H40
PHCM645 M6 x 45 H40
PHCM650 M6 x 50 H40
PHCM660 M6 x 60 H40
PHCM675 M6 x 75 H40
PHCM812 M8 x 12 H50
PHCM816 M8 x 16 H50
PHCM820 M8 x 20 H50
PHCM825 M8 x 25 H50
PHCM830 M8 x 30 H50
PHCM835 M8 x 35 H50
PHCM840 M8 x 40 H50
PHCM850 M8 x 50 H50
PHCM860 M8 x 60 H50
PHCM1020 M10 x 20 H60
PHCM1025 M10 x 25 H60
PHCM1030 M10 x 30 H60
PHCM1040 M10 x 40 H60
PHCM1050 M10 x 50 H60
PHCM1060 M10 x 60 H60
PHCM1220 M12 x 20 H80
PHCM1225 M12 x 25 H80
PHCM1230 M12 x 30 H80
PHCM1240 M12 x 40 H80
PHCM1250 M12 x 50 H80
PHCM1260 M12 x 60 H80
PHCM516M M5 x 16 H3M