Pin Hex Countersunk Machine Screw

  • Manufactured with an internal pin in the socket recess to repel standard hexagon tools
  • Stocked in 304 Stainless, other materials and sizes made to order.
  • Countersunk head seats flush with material.

M3 & M4 Product Data Sheet

M5 Product Data Sheet

M6 Product Data Sheet

M8 & M10 Product Data Sheet

M12 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
PHCM306M M3 x 6 Metric Drive H2M
PHCM310 M3 x 10 H20
PHCM312 M3 x 12 H20
PHCM316 M3 x 16 H20
PHCM320 M3 x 20 H20
PHCM406M M4 x 6 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM408M M4 x 8 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM410 M4 x 10 H40
PHCM410M M4 x 10 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM412 M4 x 12 H40
PHCM412M M4 x 12 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM414 M4 x 14 H40
PHCM416 M4 x 16 H40
PHCM416M M4 x 16 Metric Drive H40
PHCM420M M4 x 20 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM425 M4 x 25 H40
PHCM425M M4 x 25 Metric Drive H25M
PHCM440 M4 x 40 H40
PHCM510M M5 x 10 Metric Drive H3M
PHCM512M M5 x 12 Metric Drive H3M
PHCM520M M5 x 20 Metric Drive H3M
PHCM550 M5 x 50 H40
PHCM608 M6 x 8 H40
PHCM610 M6 x 10 H40
PHCM612 M6 x 12 H40
PHCM616 M6 x 16 H40
PHCM620 M6 x 20 H40
PHCM625 M6 x 25 H40
PHCM630 M6 x 30 H40
PHCM640 M6 x 40 H40
PHCM645 M6 x 45 H40
PHCM650 M6 x 50 H40
PHCM660 M6 x 60 H40
PHCM675 M6 x 75 H40
PHCM812 M8 x 12 H50
PHCM816 M8 x 16 H50
PHCM820 M8 x 20 H50
PHCM825 M8 x 25 H50
PHCM830 M8 x 30 H50
PHCM835 M8 x 35 H50
PHCM840 M8 x 40 H50
PHCM850 M8 x 50 H50
PHCM860 M8 x 60 H50
PHCM1020 M10 x 20 H60
PHCM1025 M10 x 25 H60
PHCM1030 M10 x 30 H60
PHCM1040 M10 x 40 H60
PHCM1050 M10 x 50 H60
PHCM1060 M10 x 60 H60
PHCM1220 M12 x 20 H80
PHCM1225 M12 x 25 H80
PHCM1230 M12 x 30 H80
PHCM1240 M12 x 40 H80
PHCM1250 M12 x 50 H80
PHCM1260 M12 x 60 H80
PHCM516M M5 x 16 H3M