Pin Hex Raised Countersunk Machine Screw

  • Commonly used for electrical applications.
  • Manufactured with an internal pin in the socket recess to repel standard hexagon tools
  • Tooling available as either insert bits or key wrenches.
  • Manufactured in 304 Stainless, other materials and sizes made to order.
  • Requires matching tooling for installation/ removal

M3.5 Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
PHOM3512 M3.5 x 12 H30
PHOM3520 M3.5 x 20 H30
PHOM3525 M3.5 x 25 H30
PHOM3530 M3.5 x 30 H30
PHOM3540 M3.5 x 40 H30
PHOM3550 M3.5 x 50 H30
PHOM3560 M3.5 x 60 H30