Clutch Head Round Head Self Tapper- S S

  • Clutch Head One Way screws only operate in a clockwise motion.
  • Ideal for permanent fixtures.
  • No specialist tools required for installation. Uses standard slotted screwdriver.
  • Stocked in 304 Stainless steel, with selected sizes in Zinc Plated steel for numberplates.
  • Other sizes and materials available by special order.

6G & 8G Product Data Sheet

10G, 12G & 14G Product Data Sheet

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
CHRS6D 6G x 1/2" SLD5
CHRS6F 6G x 3/4" SLD5
CHRS6G 6G x 1" SLD5
CHRS8D 8G x 1/2" SLD8
CHRS8F 8G x 3/4" SLD8
CHRS8G 8G x 1" SLD8
CHRS8H 8G x 1 1/4" SLD8
CHRS8I 8G x 1 1/2" SLD8
CHRS8J 8G x 2" SLD8
CHRS10D 10G x 1/2" SLD8
CHRS10F 10G x 3/4" SLD8
CHRS10G 10G x 1" SLD8
CHRS10H 10G x 1 1/4" SLD8
CHRS10I 10G x 1 1 /2' SLD8
CHRS10J 10G x 2" SLD8
CHRS14D 14G x 1/2" SLD10
CHRS14F 14G x 3/4" SLD10
CHRS14G 14G x 1" SLD10
CHRS14I 14G x 1 1/2" SLD10