No Go (TM) Security Enclosure

  • Permanent, non removable enclosure made from case hardened steel which repels attack, including drilling and saws etc.
  • Available as Solid cap for bolts or with Thru Hole for nuts which may have threads standing higher than the nut.
  • No specialist tools required can be applied with a hammer. EASY INSTALLATION.
  • Turns any Standard Nut or Bolt into a High Security Enclosure.  SIMPLE!
  • Bright Zinc Plated (CR-3) Case hardened steel. RoHS Compliant.

               Download Dimensions and Installation Instructions

Part Number Details Driver Size Box Qty Stock
NG5PR M5 - Solid
NG5PR-H M5 - Thru Hole
NG6PR M6 - Solid
NG6PR-H M6 - Thru Hole
NG8PR M8 - Solid
NG8PR-H M8 -Thru Hole
NG10PR M10 - Solid 1
NG10PR-H M10 - Thru Hole
NG12PR M12 - Solid
NG12PR-H M12 - Thru Hole