Machine Screws

Security machine screws for a variety of secure applications. Security machine screws from Sentinel Group feature machine threads for use with a nut or in a tapped hole. Machine screws are sometimes referred to as "stove"  bolts.

Don't settle for commonly available 'tamper proof' screws that only afford a minimal level of security - Sentinel Group's anti theft security machine screws allow you to choose from three levels of security, one-way or two-way fixing and a large range of driver types.

Uni-Set Machine Screw Shear Bolt Kinmar Permanent Bolt
Clutch Head Machine Screw Sentinel Machine Screw Four Hole Machine Screw
Pentaforce Machine Screw Kinmar Removable Security Bolts Oval Pan Head Machine Screw
Tri Head Machine Screw Resytork Machine Screw Pin Hex Machine Screw
Two Hole Machine Screw Tri-Lobular Machine Screws